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Other Services

We have the experience and skills to assist you with any of the following services. Our skills and experience ensure that we can provide our  clients with the best representation in all matters related to trees.

Below is brief overview of other services we provide. We would be delighted to discuss an requirements you may have and see how we may be able to assist you.

Root Investigations / Root Mapping/ Ground Penetrating Radar

This service is quite often required where developments are proposed in close proximity to trees, to identify roots that will be impacted by new structures. Determining exactly where roots are can also be beneficial when damage to property and structures needs to be reported on. This type of reporting will typically also require an Engineers Report. Having both an Arborist Report and Engineers Report will be the only way Councils will consider tree work in this situation.

Structural Integrity of trees can be determined via root collar / crown root investigations. This can be done via manual excavations or air spade. The arborist will be looking for any fungal or pathogen damage to roots and the tree collar to report back on.

Ground Penetrating Radar can also be beneficial to also determine where significant roots are in a development site. We offer detailed plan and on the ground marking of where roots are.

Expert Witness

Urban Arbor can assist in any court matter relating to trees. The role of an Arboricultural expert witness is to provide independent expert advice where evidence is required in related court cases. This is referred to as ‘expert opinion’. Arboricultural expert witnesses are required in cases such as tree related personal injury, tree damage to building assets, DA/planning disputes or trees obstructing views.

Works relating to court need to be discussed early to determine the most realistic and best solution.

Verbal Consultation

At Urban Arbor we do not like to write reports that will not give a favourable outcome to our clients needs. A Verbal Consult is the best way to give advice to clients and also let them know if a report is required. Verbal Consults can be given on any tree related subject and quite often are the cheapest way for clients to understand their tree concerns.

PiCus Testing and Resistograph Testing

Councils may ask residents to provide additional information relating to internal decay. This is best done via Picus or Resistograph testing. Ask one of our team to determine which one of these tests will best suit your requirements.

Pest and Disease Diagnosis

With years of experience in Arboriculture and Horticulture our team will be able to provide you with the best solution for any of your tree related pest and disease problems. Treatments can include the use of contact or systemic applications of the right product at the right time. This can be done via tree injections where required or foliage. Other solutions could include plant and soil conditioners, fertilizer applications, vertical mulching, aeration. Cypress Canker treatments are also offered to manage canker. These are not offered as an elimination of the canker.

Laboratory Testing

Urban Arbor can provide a full laboratory Testing service. This may include DNA testing, Fungal and Pathogen Testing , Anatomy determinations, pH and Soil testing. Chlorophyll flourecent measurement.

Aerial Inspections

Occasionally a tree will have a defect that needs to be looked at from above. These may be highlighted via staining or open wounds or cracks. Urban Arbor can provide this service via climbing, Elevated Work Platform or drone inspections.

Tree Valuations

These are used quite often with court work for residential clients and municipal work for tree bonds.

Tree Species Selection

Quite often our clients will ask us to select and source a feature tree for a particular site or do a full determination of what plantings would be suitable on larger sites. This can only be done through years of experience both locally and internationally.

Ecological Assessments

Quite often it is hard to determine if it is a tree related solution or an ecology related solution is required. We can assist with all of these via our partnership with one of the leading Ecology companies in Sydney.

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